WAFA Barbados 2017

What an exciting time we had at WAFA Barbados – Flowers In Paradise.

The Australian contingent was:-

Susan Pilatti, Jeannette Hudson,  Penelope Brunning, Jean Shine – WAFAS

Yvonne Webber – Floral Art Guild of ACT

Ngaire Gamack – Floral Art Guild of ACT/ NSWFAA

Judith Little – FASQ/NSWFAA

Kim Baillie, Madhu Shah – NSWFAA

Madhu was the Australian representative judge; Kim and Ngaire staged the Australian Honorary exhibit as well as competing. The results:

Jean Shine – 1st in Class 15 Archipelago

Ngaire Gamack – 2nd in Class 8 Lasting Beauty

Judith Little – 2nd in Class 6 A Cut Above; Commended in Class 10 Earth Tones

Penelope Brunning – Commended in Class 14 State of Bliss (Impose)

Kim Baillie – Commended in Class 15 Archipelago

WAFA Barbados 2017

The AFAA sponsored prize for Best Use of Foliage went to Jackie Ferdinand from Barbados for her design in Class 3 Rhythm. Jackie was thrilled with the silver tray and plans to show it with great pride in her home. Here is a short interview where she discusses with Kim Baillie how she planned the design from the time the Show Schedule was released 12 months earlier.

Class 3 Rhythm Jackie Ferdinand

Class 3 Rhythm - Jackie Ferdinand

Class 3 Rhythm Jackie Ferdinand

AFAA Sponsored Prize Winner WAFA Barbados 2017

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