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Founded in 1965 by a group of farsighted and experienced floral artists who saw the need for an independent body to promote and maintain uniformity and high standards in Floral Art and Judging. This was in keeping with World trends at that time.

The Association was first called Victorian Judges School. This was changed in the early 80’s to present name. One huge task these early pioneers undertook for the Association was the publication of a Handbook which has been revised several times as designs change.

In keeping with the original ideals VFAA became a teaching body holding the first School in 1966 and these have continued since.

Through the process of Accreditation those Judges who have passed their initial Examination are required to keep up their commitment to promoting and maintaining high standards in Judging and Floral Art by attending Workshops, Seminars, Shows, Demonstrating and Exhibiting. In this way they keep abreast of current trends in floral design.

Victorian Floral Art Association, through the late Lois Barnett, was a prime mover in Australia Floral Art Association joining WAFA, 1981.

State Body for Floral Art in Victoria under Constitution of Australian Floral Art Association Inc.

  • To promote uniform standards for Judging Floral Art within the State of Victoria using Accredited Floral Art Judges as approved by the Victorian Floral Art Association Incorporated.
  • To teach students to become Judges.
  • To engage in such activities as are desirable to assist in raising the general standard of Floral Art.
  • To hold Seminars which are conducive to any one or more of the above objects.
  • To be a completely independent body with the right to affiliate with the organisations with similar and/or compatible interests.


Workshops are held on the fourth Wednesday bi-monthly. These are valuable teaching/learning days. Seminars are held every three years.

An informative Newsletter is published three times per year with the focus on contemporary judging and discussion of new designs.

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