Golden Jubilee and Blooming Arts Festival 2015 – Schedule

The Flower Designers Club of Bunbury

in conjunction with

The Bunbury Regional Art Galleries

celebrate their

Golden Jubilee
Blooming Art Exhibition 2015

In conjunction with
The West Australian Floral Art Society
Hosting the
Australian Floral Art Association
12 – 17 August 2015
at the
Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Western Australia

Competitive Classes

Class 1 West Australian Floral Art Society Inc Championship

(Sponsored by the WA Floral Art Society)
Open to any Designers
Prizes 1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $100
Space An Exhibit to be staged on a square base 1mt x 1 mt
No height restrictions
Viewed and judged from the front and sides
Designs must be constructed on site
Pre-construction must not predominate
Entrant must provide own base board 1 mt x 1 mt however a base board can be organised on
request for AFAA members/competitors travelling from the Eastern states
No help may be given regarding preparation or construction of an exhibit except if
required to lift a heavy object and then only at the discretion of an official
If an exhibit or part of an exhibit collapses after staging times but before judging, this design will not be included in the judging and marked as “Display only.”
The competitor will be invited to re-do this design for display only
A design must not changed in any way after it has been judged
Staging time
Exhibit to be staged in either of the following staging sessions:-
Wednesday 5pm—8pm
Thursday 9am—12 .00pm
All materials plant and staging must be on site at the commencement of competition and cannot be sourced during competition
Clean up must be done within the staging times
Touch up time (option for Wednesday evening championship entrants only)
Thursday 9.30am—9.40am
Please check-in with the Official Championship Steward before commencing your allowed touch-up time to water, spray and adjust any placements that may have moved overnight. No added plant material or changes to your design are allowed. This is strictly touch- up time only

Class 2 BRAG Designer of the Year 2015

A floor design
Pre-construction allowed
Must be the work of the competitor only (See entry form for details)
Prizes 1st $100 2nd $50
Space Design must be staged on a base 1 mt x 1 mt (entrants to provide own base)
No height restrictions
Viewed and judged from the front and sides
Staging time Exhibits may be staged at anytime in the following sessions:-
Wednesday 12noon—8pm
Thursday 9am—12.30pm
See Entry form for further details

Class 3 Contemporary

Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25 3rd $15
Space Staged on Art Gallery white plinths
50cm wide x 50cm depth
No height restriction
Viewed and judged from the front
Please note:
Due to availability the height of the plinths in this class may vary from:-
80cn, 90cm or 100cm high
Staging times
Exhibits may be staged at any time in the following sessions:-
Wednesday 12noon—8pm
Thursday 9am—12.30pm

Class 4 Beauty from the Balcony

A design in a large funeral bat to hang on the loft’s dark wood railing
Safety base and cable ties provided and must be attached to oasis bat prior
To commencement of design
Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25
Space 45cm width x 100cm long. Design must not exceed allocated space
Design viewed from the front
Design judged from the floor
Staging time Wednesday 2pm—8pm only. Design must be hung with the assistance of a steward and a gallery attendant

Class 5 Cascading Wreath (D)

Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25
Space 50cm width x 60cm depth
Height restriction 120cm
Staged on white gallery base (Base height 60cm from floor)
Staging times
Exhibits may be staged at any time in the following sessions:-
Wednesday 12noon—8pm
Thursday 9am—12.30pm

Class 6 Touch of Gold—A necklace

A design to be made of fresh, treated or dried plant material or a combination of .
Embellishments allowed
Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25 3rd $15
Space 30cm x 25cm black fabric covered base to be supplied
Staged with others on a white base (table top height)
Staging times
Exhibits may be staged at any time in the following sessions:-
Wednesday 12noon—8pm
Thursday 9am—12.30pm

Class 7 Petite (D)

Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25 3rd $15
Space 30cm x 30cm
staged on white gallery base (approx table top height )
To be judged from the front of design
Staging times
Exhibits may be staged at any time in the following sessions:-
Wednesday 12noon—8pm
Thursday 9am—12.30pm

Class 8 Grow & Show (Flower Designers Club of Bunbury Members only)

All Plant material must be grown by the entrant
Plant material may be naturally dried or treated
Embellishments allowed
Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25
Space 60cm width x 60cm depth
To be judged from the front
Staging times
Exhibits may be staged at any time in the following sessions:-
Wednesday 12noon—8pm
Thursday 9am—12.30pm

Class 9 ` Wall Hanging

Fresh, dried or treated material allowed
Please have hooks or eyelets attached to back of work. No dripping water
Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25 3rd $15
Space 40cm width x 120cm length (must not go over space)
Staging time Exhibit to be staged Wednesday 2pm—8pm only
Design must be hung with the assistance of a steward and a gallery attendant

Class 10 Celebrate

A design on the supplied grid 60cm wide x 180cm height
Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25
Space To be staged within the space of 80cm Width x 60cm depth.
Height restriction 200cm
Staging times
Exhibits may be staged at any time in the following sessions:-
Wednesday 12noon—8pm
Thursday 9am—12.30pm

Class 11 Standing Tall—Impose

Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25 3rd $15
Space 50cm x 50cm
Staged on trestle table covered in green cloth. Viewed from the front
Of material Thursday 9.10am sharp
Staging time 9.30am—11.30am
Must be completed in allocated area on site and then taken to staging area
Participants must only bring with them their own cutting tools
A table of basic sundries will be available

Class 12 Evening Fascinator (To be modelled at the Celebration Dinner)

Prizes 1st $50 2nd $25 3rd $15
Modelled in a Parade at the Celebration Dinner , Rose Hotel, Saturday Evening
Individual entries only
Popular vote by dinner guests
Time of parade TBA

Special Awards
The AFAA Best in Show Award
Best use of Colour Award
Most Creative Award

  • Competitors important information
    All classes are open to any floral designers with the exception of Class 8, Grow and Show which is restricted to financial members of the Flower Designers’ Club of Bunbury only.
  • Entries must be on official entry form and must be received by the Entries Secretary, Jean Shine by the Close of business (WA time) ON MONDAY 30TH APRIL 2015. All acceptances will be acknowledged by mail with further details forwarded where applicable
  • All competitors property is at their own risk and they must be responsible for their own insurance if deemed necessary. The Flower Designers Club of Bunbury or the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries do not accept any liability for loss or damage to any of the competitors ‘property
  • Please refer to Space, page 11, AFAA Manual
    Gallery carpet colour—dark charcoal
    Gallery walls painter Solver- Paper White (Low sheen)
  • All competitors must clean up their area and leave the competition areas by 12.30pm
  • Judging will commence at 1pm sharp—Qualified Floral Art Judges will judge competitive work according to the AFAA Manual
  • Class 1 Must be designed on site in Competitors chosen staging session as per their Entry form .
  • Class 2—10 May be done off site, brought in completed during the stated staging times in the schedule
  • Class 5 & 7 are both definition subjects. Please refer to the AFAA Manual
  • All classes – Please use sheets to protect the carpet from Water and other damage
  • No aerosol spray painting permitted in the venue
  • If using Leaf shine, please be considerate of other competitors
  • Small tabled room will be available for competitors needing to complete designs
  • No attachments to gallery walls with the exception of Class 4 , Beauty from the Balcony and Class 9, A Wall Hanging
    All exhibits to be dismantled on announcement by the Official Steward after the gallery door has closed on Sunday
    Time allowed 4PM—5PM OR Monday morning 10am-12noon
    Any exhibit or part thereof remaining in the galleries after 12 noon Monday, unless previously arranged with a member of the Flower Club will be deemed abandoned and discarded.
  • Please use the skip bin provided at the rear of the galleries for your discarded rubbish. Thank you

Access to Galleries
Lower Gallery Access is through the front door on Wittenoom Street. Park in street parking or Wellington Street Visitor Shopper Car Park. Parking fees apply
Chapel Gallery Access: Direct into the gallery access is through the loading dock door at the rear of the galleries off Princep Street . Please unload your car at the rear loading dock quickly , then move your car to Parking areas so that others can also unload at loading dock.
Alternatively a large elevator is available from ground level through the front door on Wittenoom Street
Car Parking Availability
Public parking is not allowed in the car park behind the galleries adjacent to the loading dock. Unauthorised parking will receive a parking fine
Parking in the Wittenoom Street Visitor Shopper Car Parks allow 2 hours free parking however you must get your free ticket from the Machine and display on your Car dash board. After your first two hours hourly rate applies
All Day Car Parks (daily rate) are immediately behind the Art Galleries off
Wellington Street


For information regarding the Golden Jubilee & Blooming Art Exhibition 2015
Please contact:-
Exhibition Chairperson
Eileen Wenn
17 Wass Drive
Bunbury WA 6230
Phone 0408 931 602 or Email:

Dare To Be Different Glenelg 2014

Thank you to Caloundra Floral Art Group (Qld) for sharing these images.






























































































































WAFA Ireland Seminar

WAFA Ireland Hon Exhibit 1


wafa Ireland hon exhibit 2


WAFA Ireland Hon Exhibit 3



We were delighted to be invited to design and execute the Australian Honorary Exhibit on behalf of the Australian Floral Art Association (AFAA), at the World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) Ireland Seminar ‘A Celtic Journey’ 10th to 13th May 2012.
The WAFA Ireland MC forwarded the following guidelines: (1)Staging to be on supplied metal stands 1220mm high x 330mm square with a 1inch metal mesh on the top, and a magic arm attachment. Space allowed for the exhibit 1 mitre height unlimited.
(2)Honorary Exhibitors were requested to create an exhibit which interpreted an aspect of their Country, and to forward a Statement of Intent of 30 words approximately to illustrate the ideas of the exhibit.
(3)Staging would be in the **Fota Island Hotel** between 7am – 12noon on Friday morning 11th May.
The WAFA MC had made arrangements with a Wholesale Supplier who would supply fresh plant material and have the order delivered at the Hotel.
(4)An information sheet was also supplied outlining the plants, plant products and other objects that should be accompanied with a Phyto Certificate when they come from outside of the EU and should be accompanied by a Plant Passport if they are moved within the EU. Australia was one of the countries identified who would need a Phyto Cert if taking in the listed materials.

Now for the thinking progress as to what to do, with the vast selection of indigenous plant materials available, and the temptation to use as many varieties of banksias, kangaroo paw etc what will be available, what will last if taking plant materials with us. All questions previous floral designers have asked when in this situation, also wanting to show the wealth of our beautiful Australian plant material to the WAFA delegates who would be attending the seminar from around the world.

Finally inspiration for the design came from the coloured and textured bark of the Angophora one of the many Eucalyptus (Gum) trees that shed their bark annually in ribbons flakes or chips, leaving colourful ‘new’ trunks of pale grey, pinks or orange/red tones.
The Angophora bark is quite soft and malleable in texture, with a redish/orange/cream colour. A considerable amount of this was collected, graded, soaked in a PVC glue mix, piled, and then bent and compressed into a curve, to fit with concentric circles, into a 60cm round ply base, which was glued and stapled. This technique took several weeks to compile and then to dry, before being bubble wrapped into a specially formed, heavy duty cardboard box. Various materials were packed around the box including smaller sec spheres, glass vials, extra bark to finish the design, gum nuts and other mechanics that would be required.
To compliment the texture and colour of the bark, a selection of Australian plant material was ordered from the suppliers. Yellow Anigozanthos, Xanthorrhoea, Crespedia Globosa, Eucalyptus cinerea and 15 stems of banksias. To repeat the round base mechanic of the bark and to give volume, round spheres of small gumnuts were constructed. Arrangements were made with Terry(husband) to post a quantity of Banksia ericifolia, Banksia plagiocarpa and the large leaves from Banksia robur to reach the Fota Island Hotel by 10th May.

Contact was made with the Australian and UK Quarantine Authority’s to seek approval and authorization to import the plant materials into UK and Ireland(I would be leaving 3 weeks earlier), which was granted and a print out to this effect was taken with me when going into Manchester UK, and subsequently into Cork, Ireland.
Application to Etihad and Virgin Airlines for an extra baggage allowance was requested, which was granted for 15 extra kilos. Extras like the large sphere, two beautiful branches of fresh Hakea nuts, balls of copper/brown/orange bouncel wool to bind the frame work and various other mechanics needed were carried in personal 23kilo baggage allowance.

***Extra baggage allowance was pre paid to Ryan Air for the trip from Liverpool to Cork***

During the Thursday pre-set up, the design preparations commenced on binding the frame work (thanks Irene for your help), stems of Xanthorrhoea were bound with paper covered wire using the tatami technique, spheres were covered with sliced banksias and the Crespedia’s were strung together with copper wire.

The overall finished design, using different techniques conveyed a contemporary design, while using plant material indigenous to Australia.
** Delegates stayed at the Fota Island Hotel for the first three nights of their fantastic ‘Celtic Journey’. The 22 Country Exhibits were on display around the large mirrored function room where the Welcome Dinner was attended by delegates and the members of local Floral Art Groups. Next day these exhibits were open for viewing by members of The Association of Irish Floral Artists (AOIFA) and the public as well as the Competition Exhibits ‘Mysterious Nature’ staged in the Fota Island Golf Club. The competition was open to all members of AOIFA and as part of the Seminar programme judged by the International Judges.**

***Unfortunately I (and the exhibit) were not flying directly to Cork, but via Liverpool on a different airline, so a further booking was made from Liverpool to Cork using Ryan Air. Beware if travelling with Ryan Air – although the fares are cheap, they are an unscrupulous airline with no compromises. Paying for your baggage in advance works out allot cheaper, but make sure you are not over by even 1kg at the airport this will incur an extra charge of 20 English pounds a kilo.
Ryan Air cheap fares allow for 10kg on board baggage, but this must include all items such as handbag, camera etc and the baggage must fit into a certain size requirement (which is checked) pre departure at the boarding gate.
Ryan Air does not allow the combining of 2 pieces of baggage, for one weight. Each piece must be checked through separately and paid for individually
If you do not take a printed ticket to the check-in a charge of 40 English pounds will apply, so make sure you take your printer with you!!!!! Or make arrangements to have your ticket printed out, self-service kiosk or ticket desk is available 40 minutes prior to the schedule flight departure. Read the small print on your travel documents.

On this note we would like to thank the Australian Floral Art Association Members for nominating us to design and execute the Australian Exhibit at the WAFA Seminar in Ireland, it was indeed a great honour and learning curve, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Mary Sweeny OAM
Incoming AFAA Minute Secretary 2012-2015 Patsy Stamp

WAFA Ireland Hon Ex Design info

WAFA USA Australian Honorary Exhibit

jean pene australian


Report by Jean Shine

It was truly an honor to design the 10th World Flower Shows’ “Australian Exhibit”, with support from Penelope Brunning. The design was of a European Influence. We used an aluminium frame which we took from home; a plastic dish made from black plastic was used to hold wet oais for the base.

We took Eucalyptus Cassia (Silver Princess) stems with some leaves & fruit attached. Also 100 nuts threaded, some hanging from the underneath of the top design placement, with others on rod stacked up from the lower design area. Also from home we took bark, Banksia Grandis sliced pieces, Xanthorrhoea dried sticks, hardienbergia comptoniana vine which gave lovely space within the design.

We purchased some dried Banksia Hookeriana candles, Basksia Menziesii & Banksia Coccinea from Wafex in Perth. Armed with lots of good advice and the appropriate Aquis Export permits we passed through the Los Angeles quarantine and Customs without losing any of our plant material. The exotic flowers were purchased in Boston.

The completed design stood 280 cm high on a grey base and backboard with AUSTRALIA printed across the top.

WAFA USA Australian Demonstration

eileen demo

eileens demo detail 2



International Demonstration – My Home Land
Report compiled by Eileen Wenn

I felt honoured and proud, along with the other 4 invited representatives from Pakistan, Belgium, Canada and Ireland to present the Demonstration ‘My Homeland’ on behalf of the Australian Floral Art Association at the 10th WAFA World Show, in Boston June, 2011. Mrs. Penny Horne of the WAFA US MC was the demonstration coordinator and she was very helpful with information and assistance over the many months of preparation.
Inspiration for my design, the contrasts and rich colour of our country, came very early and so it was a work in progress then to pull the elements together, with careful consideration of excess baggage and importation of our Australian Plant Material to Boston.

While I did try to seek some sponsorship of the Native Flowers and cheaper excess baggage rates, it was not forthcoming due to the economical climate. However the suppliers and AQIS were all very supportive and interested in assisting.
So with an aluminium frame weighing 7kgs, seven 2 metres 40 planks wound in Blue Gum coloured yarn weighing 13kgs, a box a dried Banksia, fresh Silver Princess gum and Cordyline Australis I arrived in Boston to find all boxes had been held over at Los Angeles for Security Checks. The boxes were delivered to the Seaport Hotel the next afternoon as promised by the airport staff.

Tropical Anthuriums, orchids, gingers, lucadendrons, roses and other flowers chosen for their contrast to our native material in texture and colour were purchased at the Boston Markets. Oasis USA kindly sponsored the Oasis requirements for this demonstration.

I made of power point of Australian Icons including each capital city, our wildflowers, animals and marsupials, beaches and landscapes to be screened during the demo with the music of artists Gurramul and Xavier Rudd who both feature indigenous sounds including didgeridoo in their music.
The three days of preparation was a special time to meet the other Demonstrators and share our friendship through floral designs.

“My Homeland’ Demonstration was a ‘sell out’ weeks before the show with Flower Arrangers from all over the world. With careful planing, preparation and the assistance of Dianne, I was confident and had fun presenting the Contrasts of our Land with stories to tell along the way. I felt happy and proud of the finished design and received many complements over the week.

I would like to thank the AFAA Members for their confidence in voting me as their representative for the demonstration at the World Show.

I sincerely thank the WA Floral Art Society for their financial support of $500 towards the costs to present the demo. This was much appreciated as the allowance given by WAFA US to the demonstrators to represent their country does not go close to covering the costs involved in staging a large scale stage design to fit an area 6ft x 6 ft.
Thanks to Dianne Buckles for her time and assistance for the demonstration, Jean Shine, my floral buddy for the fun times we had collecting and gathering our Australian Plant material at home and special thanks to my husband, Doug and my family for all their assistance to make props and the power point and their ongoing support of my passion for Floral Art.



intenational demos


intnl demo